Transients Battle Families for Control of Parks

Michael Medved

9/7/2011 3:57:08 PM - Michael Medved
In Seattle, transients are not only taking over popular city parks, but they’re chasing away families with kids. In a Seattle Times report, neighborhood activist Laura Stockwell says a mother trying to use a restroom was driven out by a drug-user who told her to “go find a more family-friendly park. The population…seems to have this attitude that it is their park- that families don’t belong there.”

A recent beating involved two homeless men—one from Idaho, the other from Michigan. Chances are they didn’t come to Seattle for the weather, since it gets notoriously damp in Fall and Winter. What attracts transients is the position of Mayor Mike McGinn who wants his city known as the most “homeless-friendly” metropolis in the country. But wouldn’t taxpaying families who actually fund the parks prefer that their town made street people less welcome—and their parks more family friendly?