Calling Obama the "Worst Ever" Will Distract the Public, Damage the GOP

Michael Medved

9/1/2011 2:46:01 PM - Michael Medved
Prominent conservatives now describe Barack Obama as the worst president in history, but this charge – even if true –represents a dangerous distraction that can only damage the Republican campaign. Instead of comparing President Obama to Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan or other leaders from the distant past, conservatives should focus on the damage he’s done in the last three years. Republicans don’t need to convince the public that Obama is the worst ever – they just need to show that the country has fared worse since he took office.

Like dubious allegations about Obama’s birth certificate, or secret Muslim faith, or conspiratorial purpose to wreck the nation, premature claims that he’s history’s worst take attention from the one issue that will win the election: proving that the economy has been horribly mishandled and that we need a dramatic change in course.