Who Believes We're Headed the Right Way?

Michael Medved

7/12/2011 3:40:05 PM - Michael Medved

All current public opinion polls show Americans overwhelmingly convinced that we’re headed in the wrong direction, with barely one-fourth of the public saying we’re going the right way.


Only one major segment of the population stands out with sunny views of the nation’s direction: according to Rasmussen, a startling 58 percent of African-Americans believe we’re headed the right way. Is this because black people have benefited from Obama’s presidency?


The facts say emphatically not: black unemployment stands at 16.2 percent, exactly twice the rate for white people, and under Obama, African-American joblessness has gone up more sharply than unemployment for any other group. Apologists for the administration often claim that opposition to the president is based on racism. The current polling data suggests that it’s irrational, unshakable confidence in Obama’s faltering leadership that’s more influenced by racial factors.