Praise for Infidelity Ignores Male-Female Distinction

Michael Medved

7/7/2011 2:53:12 PM - Michael Medved

The New York Times Magazine cover story “Infidelity Keeps Us Together,” features the work of Dan Savage, described as a “devoted husband, proud father and sex columnist.”


The magazine irresponsibly downplayed Savage’s distinctively gay outlook, suggesting his approach applied equally to heterosexual couples. In fact, all studies show males more frequently pursuing variety and promiscuity than females; traditional marriage involves men subordinating this drive to a feminine craving for stability that benefits children and social cohesion.


The praise for what they label “consensual infidelity” doesn’t so much ignore the difference between gay and straight as it obliterates the crucial distinction between male and female. Savage, married to another man for six years, proudly reported their relationship had already been strengthened by nine “extra-marital encounters”—a boast almost any male-female couple with a young child would be unlikely to make.