Broke School District Builds New School They Can't Afford to Operate

Michael Medved

6/23/2011 2:17:12 PM - Michael Medved

The good news is that the new $105 million high tech facility for Hillcrest High School in Riverside, California will be completed by the end of the summer. The bad news is that the school won’t open in the Fall because the district doesn’t have enough money to pay for teachers and operations--though they’re stuck wasting more than $1 million a year for maintenance and security at the empty building. 

This scandalous abuse of public resources not only demonstrates bureaucratic incompetence, but shows the true cost of maintaining government’s education monopoly. Why not make the unused structure available for token rent to private or parochial schools, or even a for-profit education company? These operations could at least pay for maintenance, and children of the community might get some benefit that the dysfunctional public schools can’t provide.