Weiner/Clinton Double Standard Shows Dem Hypocrisy

Michael Medved

6/16/2011 12:57:00 PM - Michael Medved

The same Democratic leaders who condemned Weiner for trying to keep his Congressional seat hailed Bill Clinton as a hero for refusing to resign and fighting impeachment during his own sex scandal. Clinton committed perjury before a grand jury and ultimately lost his law license; but there’s no evidence to date that Weiner violated laws. Clinton abused his authority with and used government resources in sex-capades with a White House intern; Weiner merely sent degrading photos on private accounts to far-away strangers.


Yes, Weiner violated standards of decency but why hold Congressmen to higher standards than presidents? Moreover, the argument of “national security” shouldn’t excuse Clinton’s Democratic defenders; had he resigned, the well-qualified Al Gore would have assumed the presidency instantly with no Constitutional crisis, but if Weiner goes his district will remain unrepresented for months, necessitating an expensive special election. Honoring Clinton while denouncing Weiner may be politically convenient, but Democratic double-standards amount to gross hypocrisy.