Media Distortions on Israel's History

Michael Medved

5/23/2011 4:35:00 PM - Michael Medved

Two frequently-used words in reporting on Israel amount to major distortions concerning the history of the Middle East. For instance, a recent AP story mentioned “Palestinian commemorations of their uprooting during Israel’s 1948 creation.” The term “Israel’s creation” is deeply misleading, making the emergence of a modern Jewish state sound sudden and arbitrary, like a lab experiment. Israel wasn’t “created”: it was painstakingly built through 70 years of gradual progress before independence, establishing a flourishing society of some 600,000 Jews preceding UN recognition.


Moreover, the term “uprooting” constitutes a lie: Jewish immigration never displaced Palestinians, since the Arab population, drawn to the economic activity in Israeli communities, grew even more rapidly in the area than Jewish population! No Palestinians became refugees until local leadership and then neighboring Arab states declared war on newly recognized Israel in 1948; only then did thousands flee from the resulting conflict.