A Backhanded Compliment from a Liberal Foe

Michael Medved

5/19/2011 4:26:16 PM - Michael Medved

On occasion, nasty comments from a political opponent can amount to a backhanded compliment. For instance, Washington Post and NPR commentator E.J. Dionne recently wrote a column under the headline, “Lincoln Would Weep.”


In it, he derided the Republican presidential candidates because they’re all uncompromising conservatives when it comes to budgetary issues. He condemns GOP contenders and grass roots activists because of their unwavering opposition to tax hikes. Dionne angrily concludes: “Today’s GOP is committed to one proposition above all others: reducing the size of the federal government.”


Actually, this solid commitment represents the party’s greatest strength, not a weakness. If Republicans continue to show the country that they’re serious about shrinking government, they can win a major victory in 2012. The American people would welcome a political party that stands for something and won’t budge on core principles.