"Jumping the Broom" Finds Eager Audience

Michael Medved

5/12/2011 3:40:38 PM - Michael Medved

Hollywood insiders expressed surprise at the strong debut of the wedding comedy, JUMPING THE BROOM. In its opening weekend, this touching, low budget project scored $15 million at the box-office, guaranteeing profitability for a well-acted story  of two prosperous African-American professionals bringing together their very different families for a lavish celebration.


The secret ingredient involved the film’s unapolgetically Christian values—with major characters turning regularly to prayer, and bride and groom waiting for their wedding night to complete their relationship. Bishop T.D. Jakes makes an appearance and helped produce the film, proving an eager black audience will embrace inspiring stories that turn away from ugly stereotypes of thugs and drugs. Tyler Perry has successfully appealed to the same audience in his many movies, but JUMPING THE BROOM does so with greater skill and subtlety, for more uplifting results.