Royal Wedding: Affirming Values and Traditionalism

Michael Medved

5/3/2011 2:47:11 PM - Michael Medved

Like other skeptics, I winced at the media hype preceding the royal wedding, but after watching this beautifully choreographed event, no one could ignore its uplifting impact. In a world often cynical about marriage, the London pageantry celebrated ancient notions of matrimony, emphasizing fidelity, total commitment and God’s role in joining the new couple. The Christian character of the ceremony came through without compromise or apology, invoking Christ repeatedly. While many young couples feel disconnected from the past, every aspect of the event affirmed traditionalism: including the commitment to military values. Prince William not only wore his martial uniform proudly, but announced he’d delay his honeymoon to rejoin his Royal Air Force unit after weekend leave. The most memorable public spectacles convey profound lessons about appropriate priorities, and the Royal Wedding was no exception.