Tarnishing Hollywood's Big Night

Michael Medved

3/2/2011 1:38:40 PM - Michael Medved

The Oscars try to honor artistry and class and, for the most part, Hollywood succeeded this year. The ceremony was refreshingly free from political diatribes, or nasty comments about conservatives and religious people, and “The King’s Speech” richly deserved its multiple honors. But the evening’s two honored actresses tarnished the tone of the big night. Supporting Actress Melissa Leo laughingly dropped the f-bomb--a startling Oscar first--and her crude outburst will be more remembered than her fine movie performances. Meanwhile, Natalie Portman was visibly pregnant while accepting her Best Actress award, and thanked “her love” for his great gift to her. But it might have been a greater gift if he had presented a ring along with a child, and avoided the destructive message that bearing a baby out of wedlock is glamorous and trendy.