Presidents' Day: Thanks for Nothing

Michael Medved

2/21/2011 3:01:37 PM - Michael Medved

A wise rabbi once taught me that “thanks for everything means thanks for nothing.” In other words, generally expressing gratitude—to God or your neighbor—means much less than enumerating the specific blessings you appreciate.

That’s why our country made a mistake in dropping traditional observance of Washington and Lincoln’s Birthdays for a flavorless abomination called “Presidents Day.” Rather than honoring special character traits of two distinctive heroes, we now promote bland recognition of all presidents—the mediocre along with the magnificent.  Why not bring back Washington’s birthday as a full national holiday, with time off from work, while giving Lincoln’s birthday a status like Flag Day—an official national celebration without closing banks and post offices? This restoration would prove vastly more valuable to present and future generations than the meaningless distraction known as Presidents Day.