Did Spending Spree by Congressional Dems Improve America?

Michael Medved

2/18/2011 2:37:21 PM - Michael Medved

Within weeks Congress must raise the official debt ceiling to avoid an insolvent government and global economic catastrophe. But House Republicans rightly insist that the President must agree to immediate, meaningful spending cuts, with even sharper trims in the future.

The Democrats in Congress resist big reductions in government expenditures, claiming those cuts would endanger recovery and promote suffering. That logic is hard to understand, in light of the nearly 30 percent increase in discretionary spending in the brief years that Nancy Pelosi ran Congress. Did all this spending produce a government that performed more effectively or compassionately or notably improved American life in the last four years?

We should be able to return to 2008 spending levels—the current GOP goal—or even to 2006 and before without imperiling the prospects or prosperity of America or Americans.