Michael Medved
Sharia law, with its harsh medieval elements, should never be enforced
in the United States. But we can’t protect Constitutional rule of law
by disregarding our Constitution. In the recent election, voters in
Oklahoma overwhelmingly approved an initiative that specifically denied any
recognition for Sharia law by judges or government agencies, and a federal
judge promptly and properly put a hold on enforcing the initiative.

If the “establishment clause” of the First Amendment means anything,
it prevents government from taking sides among religions; the law can’t
explicitly endorse or condemn any one particular faith. If Oklahomans
denied recognition of all religious law—whether Christian, Jewish or
Muslim—they might have argued more effectively for the initiative. But
the best protection against hateful, Islamic-style theocracy remains an
unbreakable ban on government singling out one faith or another to
support or decry.

Michael Medved

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