Michael Medved

To me it seems like the height of hypocrisy that the people who most often invoke the term RINO! are themselves candid, open "Republicans In Name Only." Bombastic talkers on TV and radio and the other self-appointed RINO hunters brag that they are "Conservatives" first and Republicans second or not at all. Yet the RINO hunters are so dislikable and autocratic they cannot garner enough support to form a viable political party of their own. They attach themselves to the GOP because they correctly perceive that the GOP best represents them. But they can't accept not completely controlling the GOP and getting their way on every issue. So they undermine the party at every opportunity and project the label they themselves deserve on everyone else. They are the real Republicans In Name Only... people who purloin the Republican name to stage self-aggrandizing rhetorical warfare. They seem far more concerned with satisfying their own egos and keeping their paying fan bases stoked than they do with helping the team win elections and move the nation in a rightward direction.

The RINO hunters boast that they are not Republicans while demanding that Republicans follow their precise instructions from top to bottom - or else. Real Republicans want their party to include as many Americans as possible (the only way to win elections) not to purge the organization of heretics. The only path to GOP victory involves addition, not subtraction; multiplication, not division. So who are the real RINOs?

Michael Medved

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