Michael Medved
Super Bowl broadcasts almost always feature many tasteless, tacky TV ads without public protest, but the word of an upcoming 30-second pro-life commercial planned to air during the Colts-Saints contest in Miami has provoked strident denunciation.

The message features Florida football star Tim Tebow and his mother, recalling how doctors advised her to terminate her troubled pregnancy, but she carried her son to term and he grew up to win the Heisman trophy. Opponents deride this message as manipulative, with columnist Susan Estrich describing as “offensive” any “suggestion that abortion is in any way connected to the value or the potential talents of the baby-to-be”—as if abortion didn’t destroy that value and those talents!

On my radio show, a blogger insisted there’s no reason to say it’s generally better for a baby to live than to die—showing moral blindness too typical of the pro-abortion cause and the contemporary culture of death.

Michael Medved

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