Bureaucrats Required For Auto Maintenance?

Michael Medved

8/14/2008 9:31:30 PM - Michael Medved

New York Times columnist Gail Collins and other commentators have spoken out against what she calls “a weird Republican attempt to make fun of Obama for saying that if people kept their tires properly inflated it might save as much oil as we could gain by drilling.”  

Actually, the GOP message isn't that Americans should neglect tire inflation—it’s that this shouldn’t be a governmental concern. We don't need a new federal department of tire inflation, or a president to tell us how to take care of our cars. What we do need is for government to get out the way of new drilling for oil by dropping ill-considered bans on developing our vast untapped energy resources.  

In dealing with the energy crisis, as with most other challenges, the best solution is less governmental interference, not more.