Abortion - A Serious Sin

Michael Medved

3/27/2008 9:27:16 PM - Michael Medved

For cultural conservatives, the good news is that nearly all Americans –87% -- still believe in the concept of sin, but the bad news is that we’re deeply confused on how to define it.  According to a 2007 study by Ellison research, an overwhelming 81% percent think adultery is sinful, and almost as many –74%-- say that “racism” is a sin. But when it comes to getting an abortion, only 56% think it’s a sin. More Americans consider it sinful to “use hard drugs” or even to “not say something if a cashier gives you too much change.” The public considers “swearing” or “watching pornography” similarly sinful to destroying a baby in the womb--- an indication of the tough work ahead for the pro-life movement. We stand more of a chance of changing the law by changing hearts, than we do by changing hearts through changing the law. We need to make the case that abortion isn’t just a case of moral sloppiness—like accepting the wrong change ---but a cruel act that destroys a life, inflicts pain on a defenseless being, and stops a beating human heart. Once the overwhelming majority of the public agrees that abortion is profoundly wrong and destructive, then and only then can we succeed in changing its legal status.