Twisted Notions of Credit-worthy Accomplishment

Michael Medved

2/6/2008 10:38:29 PM - Michael Medved
Hamas, the Islamic terrorist faction that rules the Gaza Strip, “claimed credit” for the recent suicide bombing in southern Israel – the first such incident on Israeli territory in more than a year. Hamas proudly identified the bombers as two twenty-year-olds who went to a shopping center in the town of Dimona. One of them blew himself up, wounding 38 innocent bystanders and killing one 73 year old woman. The victim and her husband—also critically injured—were both theoretical physicists at Ben Gurion University and looking forward to celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with their two sons, also physics professors.The second bomber was shot by  heroic police officer Kobi Mor before he could explode his bomb-filled vest. While still wounded, the would-be-killer tried to reach for the detonator, but the cop saved countless lives –including his own- by shooting the terrorist four times in the head, without exploding his bombs. Hamas argued with another terror group, Al Aksa Martyr’s Brigade, over “credit” for the bloody and utterly pointless incident—an illustration of their sick and twisted notions of praise-worthy Palestinian accomplishment.