Matt Lewis

So me and the Townhall All-Stars (MKH and Jonathan Garthwaite) sat around the office today and made a few Iowa predictions.

Jon and I agree it will likely look like this:

1.  Romney
2.  Huckabee
3.  McCain
4.  Thompson

But MKH sees this:

1.  Romney
2.  Huck
3.  Thompson
4.  McCain

Who knows, though.  Anything could happen.  As they say, that's why we play the game ...

Update:  Kevin McCullough sends along his predictions:

1. Huck
2. Romney
3. Thompson
4. McCain
1. Obama (running away - Dodd, Kucinich, Richardsen - reportedly throwing support to O - if under 15%)
2. Edwards
3. Clinton


Matt Lewis

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