Mary Katharine Ham
There's a note of thanks for all you HamNation viewers at the end of this video, but I can't say thank you enough to everyone for watching and helping make HamNation a success.

The song in this video is an original written and performed by my very talented brother, Jon (although he did let me pitch in on the lyrics just a bit). And, I realized late last night I forgot to include the All-Star Townhall Interns (and Kevin Glass) in the credits. They were my clappers, and they did a great job. Sorry for the oversight, guys!

A million thanks, also, to Katie Favazza and Allah Pundit, without whose help and encouragement this video product would have perished long ago. Hope you enjoy! Click to watch:


Mary Katharine Ham

Mary Katharine Ham is editor-at-large of, a contributor to Townhall Magazine.

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