Leah Barkoukis

Posted July 22, 2015

Finally, a feel-good story.

Posted July 22, 2015

Get your gloves ready, America.

Posted July 20, 2015

At 5:30am today, sirens echoed across Cyprus marking 41 years since Turkey invaded the island nation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Posted July 19, 2015

Thanks, Obama!

Posted July 17, 2015


Posted July 14, 2015

"It is a national embarrassment that the worlds most powerful government insists that, instead of providing contraceptives through its own existing exchanges and programs, it must crush the Little Sisters faith and force them to participate."

Posted July 10, 2015

The Friday Filibuster: The one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about this week in politics.

Posted July 06, 2015

"He will be a serious force for the campaign."

Posted July 05, 2015

Another amazing type of working dog.

Posted July 03, 2015

Homeschooling, anyone?

Posted July 02, 2015

Just a fringe terror group. No big deal.

Posted June 30, 2015

Opinions of her have changed.

Posted June 28, 2015

This laws going to collapse under its own weight, he said. I am as motivated as ever before to repeal and replace this law, and thats what were working on.