Leah Barkoukis

Posted January 22, 2014

South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott was the target of “philosophical bigotry” over the weekend from non other than Rev. William Barber II, the head of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, who referred to Scott as a “ventriloquist dummy” for “the extreme right wing” in South Carolina.

Posted January 21, 2014

Retired Adm. Mike Mullen on Tuesday listed what he considers to be the greatest threats to America. Foremost among them is the national debt.

Posted January 18, 2014

A bipartisan Senate intelligence committee ?report on Benghazi was released this week, which placed blame on the State Department and intelligence agencies for the failures that led to the death of four Americans on Sept.

Posted January 16, 2014

By expanding the definition of racial profiling, the Justice Department is taking political correctness to a whole new—and dangerous—level.

Posted January 15, 2014

Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., has had it with the way TSA agents treat passengers and is threatening to privatize airport screening unless improvements are seen in their ‘customer service’ skills.

Posted January 14, 2014

Are mass shootings really on the rise in America? Will an increased focus on mental health help prevent mass murders? Would expanded background checks really make a difference? According to author and Northeastern University criminology professor James Alan Fox—no.

Posted January 13, 2014

This, my friends, is what one year of regulations issued by the Obama administration looks like.

Posted January 12, 2014

House Democrats would likely support a bipartisan proposal that would cut food stamps by $9 billion, Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said this week, reports The Hill.

Posted January 12, 2014

Florida Carry was left no choice on January 10 but to file a lawsuit against the University of Florida because of its “illegal and unconstitutional regulations prohibiting firearms and weapons on all university property.”

Posted January 11, 2014

Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell has been making the rounds promoting the movie “Lone Survivor,” a personal account of the failed SEAL Team 10 mission to capture or kill a notorious Taliban leader in Afghanistan. During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, however, things got pretty tense.

Posted January 10, 2014

A federal lawsuit filed last May against the mandatory payment of union dues is moving forward in the courts, Fox News reports, and will soon be heard by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The case was filed by a group of California public school teachers who say that being forced to pay union dues violates right to free speech.

Posted January 08, 2014

Open Doors, a persecution watchdog group, is out with its 2014 “World Watch List,” which is a ranking of the 50 countries where persecution of Christians is most severe, according to its website.

Posted January 07, 2014

Thanks to fracking, the production of oil and natural gas in the United States is dramatically increasing—and Saudi Arabia isn’t happy about it.

Posted January 05, 2014

While shootings in public places have sadly tripled in the last few years, first responders’ strategy has improved, and civilians are being recognized as playing an increasingly vital role in stopping attackers.

Posted January 02, 2014

What little religious freedom Christians in Iran had—especially believers who are not from a minority ethnic group—is quickly coming to an end. Farsi-speaking Christians, many of whom are likely converts from Islam, have been told they are no longer allowed to worship at one of the few remaining churches.

Posted December 30, 2013

Although Ted Cruz says he is focused on representing Texas, the junior senator’s move to renounce his Canadian citizenship is fueling speculation that he will make a 2016 presidential run.

Posted December 28, 2013

It’s hard to believe the National Republican Congressional Committee was able to narrow the list down to only 35.

Posted December 25, 2013

As Christians around the world prepare to openly celebrate Christmas this year, many believers in the Middle East will not be so lucky.

Posted December 23, 2013

After major gun-control legislation was defeated in the Senate this year, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and number of other Democrats insisted the fight isn’t over—including Sen. Manchin, who crafted the background check legislation with Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Penn., after the Newtown massacre.

Posted December 22, 2013

As the civil war in Syria rages on, UN investigators have revealed that the government is using “enforced disappearances” as part of a widespread and systematic campaign of terror against civilians.