Leah Barkoukis

Seventy percent of American voters support building the Keystone XL Pipeline--three points up from last year thanks to an uptick in support from Democrats. The State Department's environmental impact statement released earlier this month concluded that there would be "no significant impacts." And in addition to the state of Nebraska, both the House and Democrat-controlled Senate have essentially given its construction a green light. The last remaining obstacle? The Obama administration, of course. It has been more than 1,600 days since the initial permits were filed to build the pipeline and the GOP is turning up the heat on the administration to approve work. 

In the weekly Republican address, Nebraska Rep. Lee Terry explains, once again, how the pipeline will create jobs, make energy more affordable, increase energy security and bring more North American energy to the marketplace. Plus, it won't cost taxpayers a dime. Terry says building the pipeline is a "no-brainer" but the administration is "using every bureaucratic trick and excuse in the book" to block it. The pipeline has broad bipartisan support and now is the time to build. “No more delays, no more politics,” Terry said. “If the president continues to drag his feet Congress is prepared to act."

Leah Barkoukis

Leah Barkoukis is the online features editor and web editor at Townhall.com.

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