Kevin McCullough

Tonight 4-7pm PST, (7-10pm EST) yours truly sits in for Frank Pastore.

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When the Vice-President asked for some custard in Wisconsin he got a little more than someone who picked up the bill. He got a request. And instead of acknowledging it and seeing the merit in it, he slimed the person asking by referring to them as a "smart-a--". But was it really appropriate for the counter-person to ask for the tax break? Did Biden get pushed into this predicament?

THE PRACTICAL DILEMMA: Live a moral life and facebook should be a fun place to go, to use, to see to look at. But divorce lawyers are alerting the general public that who you are online will be used against you in a court of law. But those using it are taking it one step further... to injure they're former spouse. Do you SEE why you need me people? It's about the Clarity!

THE CLARITY CORNER: Men are crying like babies at Toy Story 3. Christopher Healy over at ParentDish says that there is a basic reason why. But here's the thing I'm not so sure of. How much crying do we want men to do... in public... in everyday life... in times of crisis... at all? Is there a limit to how much men should cry in public or private and how do we know when we've reached the limit?