Kevin McCullough
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1.She has no judicial experience, limited amount of published legal opinion - even from her time on the Harvard Law Review. Even worse she banned military recruiters from the campus of Harvard. Is Elena Kagen really the best choice President Obama could've found? Disagree with me here: 866.348.7884.

2. THE PRACTICAL DILEMMA: There is anger in the air over a new reality TV show. Auctioning off one's virginity, the newest TV reality hit, further reinforcing any hope of our children not being sexualized before their time. My advice to parents and teens where this airs, "Watch it together, then talk about it." Your calls will drive the show and if you disagree with me you always get to go to the front of the line: 866.348.7884.

3. ALSO JOINING US a special report with Esther Fleece of to discuss the revival of the attempt by some to bring back the web domain "XXX." Does it even matter?

4. Plus an Early Morning God Thought will start us off...

Love is the loftiest preference of one person for another, and spiritually Jesus demands that this sovereign preference be for Himself."  

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