KMCRadio: Back on-air, in time to Stupak da Prez!

Kevin McCullough

3/16/2010 6:45:00 AM - Kevin McCullough

So after the violent weather that saw record numbers of people dial 911 in NYC this weekend. We're finally back up and running with power in the McCullough home/broadcast complex. Meaning we're back on the air as of Tuesday.

The weather was so bad that it knocked out the facilities on Saturday night that Baldwin/McCullough normally originates from.

To say things were a mess is a severe understatement. But many thanks to our good friends the Bucci's who allowed the homeless Lovely Bride and myself a place to rest our weary heads Sunday night, and now it's back to the work at hand:
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1. Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak: “I really believe that the Democratic leadership is simply unwilling to change its stance,” he says. “Their position says that women, especially those without means available, should have their abortions covered.” The arguments they have made to him in recent deliberations, he adds, “are a pretty sad commentary on the state of the Democratic party.” BONUS: More voters anti-abortion than ever before... Disagree with me here: 866.348.7884.

2. THE PRACTICAL DILEMMA:  A teen girl who wishes to be sexually active with other teen girls, declares that she will bring another girl to prom. The high school fearing a lawsuit for possibly treating people differently, decides to cancel prom (and thus treat everyone the same) and avoid the conflict. NOW said teen girl is suing to force school to hold prom AND let her bring her same-sex date. Your calls will drive the show and if you disagree with me you always get to go to the front of the line: 866.348.7884.

3. Plus an Early Morning God Thought will start us off...

For many of us, walking in the light means walking according to the standard we have set up for another person. The deadliest attitude of the Pharisees that we exhibit today is not hypocrisy but that which comes from unconsciously living a lie." 

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