Kevin McCullough


1. And now the 'O'-ministration is blaming the bad unemployment numbers--that they obviously excpect--on... SNOW?  Has this emperor ever had clothes on? Honestly amigo... snow makes bad employment numbers. REALLY? Disagree with me here: 866.348.7884.

2. THE PRACTICAL DILEMMA: Ok... if someone else is irresponsible, should you be required to pay for their sins? If someone smokes too much and drinks too much should you have to buy their health insurance? Oops. Your calls will drive the show and if you disagree with me you always get to go to the front of the line: 866.348.7884.

3. Plus an Early Morning God Thought will start us off...

Our Lord never asks questions until the perfect time. Rarely, but probably once in each of our lives, He will back us into a corner where He will hurt us with His piercing questions. " 

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