Kevin McCullough
Values Voters LIVE

So the whole gang is here in DC. I got in midway through the day yesterday. My co-blogger, Lady Professor Faith Ammen, has arrived. And Baldwin rolled in around 8pm last night.

Yesterday I had the chance to give a shout out to the AFR radio family, a good portion of which tunes us in on Saturdays, with Crane Durham, Devin Patrick, and Donn Cobb.

This morning I will be with Governor Huckabee, Focus on the Family, American Family Association, and Tony Perkins around 8:30. Then Governor goes to give his speech.

At 10am the OReilly Factor has asked if they can interview us. As soon as that's done we sit with the Star Tribune. At 12Noon today we are on the brand new ABC NEWS feature that runs on from 12-12:15pm.

Then at 2pm Baldwin and I take the stage. We are doing something very different, in that our presentation will be tandem, simultaneous speeches, disguised cleverly as a piece of our radio show. That's 2pm EST and will be online in many places, we hope to be able to bring it to you on XtremeTelevision.

At 5pm we sign books...

Then at 9:30pm tonight - if you are in DC and under 25 years of age, come on over to the Omni Shoreham because we've got a JAMMIN' party going on tonight complete with games, food, music, and more... Baldwin and I will be hosting it and it will be... well let's just say more fun than you what you HAD planned on doing... (and its free...)

So that's the run down - we're all over the place today, along with Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Carrie Prejean, Star Parker, Mitt Romney, Mike Pence, Rick Perry, Tim Pawlenty, Bill OReilly, Bill Bennett, John Boehner, and many, many, more...

Professor Ammen will be posting throughout the day, and as I mentioned we are going to try to bring you LIVE video coverage of the goings on right here: