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Sandra Bernhard has been a more or less disgusting creature of the indecent underworld for a long time, but claiming that Sarah Palin had better stay away from my city of Manhattan or that she might "be gang raped by black men" is going a TAD beyond the pale... yes?

What is so revealing is that liberals are the ones who yesterday came out swinging about race and now one of their own makes arguably one of the most racially explosive assertions that could be had - while simultaneously trying to denigrate perhaps the most accomplished feminist of her generation.

I'm generally of the opinion that Sandra Bernhard hates everyone and everything. She certainly does not seem to be the least bit happy about her life or who she is, but at the end of the day there is only one word for this type of rhetoric - self-loathing.

In all honesty, I do not know of, nor have ever heard of a single conservative ever come close to saying anything even remotely close to what she wishes for against Sarah Palin.

Bernhard's mind and lips are pollution of the absolute worst kind...

And she is a sad, small person...

***The video below is extremely graphic and is NSFW or to be played near children, (or even in the presence of ladies for that matter.)***