Kevin McCullough

Old Man!

In a year in which more change has occurred than I expected, and in which I truly lack for nothing - possible exception of a job aside - how does one measure a GREAT birthday?

10. 66 Facebook friends, and 128 MySpace happy birthday notes...
9. Many invites from long lost friends to catch up when back in town.
8. A really good conference call as to the pending future of Baldwin/McCulloughRadio.
7. Seeing little Stefani helped by a caring reader to this blog - thank you Lindsay!
6. A call from the Lovely Bride's father wishing me a happy b-day
5. A copy of David McCullough's JOHN ADAMS
4. Getting my first internet, bed-side, WiFi Radio
3. Text Messages from my Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins
2. 1 hand-made birthday card from my special needs son that simply says, "I Love You Dad!"
1. 1 Lovely Bride's pillow top kiss and whispering, "happy birthday sweetheart!"