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When a senior pastor/priest strays into sexual immorality, regardless of their repentence - their card is punched - no more shepherding. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the trend. Instead it seems the thing to do is to bed someone, leave the church you're at, and begin a new church. The former pastor at a Mesa Catholic church who faces seven misdemeanor charges of sexual misconduct has started a new worship center and conducted his first services. More than 500 worshippers gathered to hear Dale Fushek conduct a service at a Mesa hotel Thursday. Known as "Monsignor Dale" during his 20 years at St. Timothy's, Fushek co-founded the national Life Teen program and served as vicar general of the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. "Pastor worship" has become in some sense the new version of the Old Testament sin of idolatry, something we don't much talk about anymore. Yet what is at stake with the influence a pastor wields over a community makes it imperative that they just not partake in adultery etc. 800.345.WMCA.

She suffered sexual harrassment, molestation, and assault from the most powerful person in the world. The next day her husband ended up dead, and she was told to believe it was a suicide. What fears does this former "friend" of Bill and Hillary Clinton harbor in their possible return to the White House? Catch this exclusive: Kathleen Willey. Her new book TARGET: Caught in the crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Blaming others for our lack of progress or success is immature, and grossly unattractive. "Why do I think Celine had the sales and I didn't? Because she's a white girl... You want me to be honest? That's why," Labelle told the MonacoRevue. What a sad and victimized mentality it is that comes up with such theories. My special needs black son will never be held back by "whitey" - not in his own mind. But this instance also points to our inherent unwillingness to take responsibility for our actions, mistakes, failures. And if we don't do that - we will never succeed! 800.345.WMCA.

Spelling HYPOCRITE... N - A - G - I - N!

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