With Louisiana Wrapped Up, Santorum Heads to Wisconsin

Kevin Glass

3/25/2012 1:18:00 PM - Kevin Glass
Next up for candidates Santorum, Romney, Paul and Gingrich are the April 3 primaries of Washington, D.c., Maryland and Wisconsin. Romney is expected to win easily in the mid-Atlantic caucuses but might be more threatened in Wisconsin.

Santorum has been campaigning in Wisconsin recently, including at a bowling alley. Reportedly, unlike the current commander-in-chief, Santorum is quite the bowler.

Rick Santorum bowled a turkey. And he wants Wisconsin voters to know about it.

The former Pennsylvania senator won Louisiana's GOP presidential primary on Sunday, and now it's on to Wisconsin, where polls have former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney leading.

Santorum is already trying to play up his blue-collar Pennsylvania background to connect with voters in the Badger State, noting on CBS's "Face the Nation" on Sunday that he is a pretty good bowler.

"The reaction I got yesterday in traveling round in Bellevue and Sheboygan, and up here in Green Bay, was a great outpouring of support," he said. "And you know what? Yesterday -- I don’t know if you saw this -- but actually I was bowling in Sheboygan yesterday with a bunch of folks at a tournament and threw three strikes in a row. That's a turkey. That tells you that you’ve got someone here who can relate to the voters in Wisconsin, just like those of us in western Pennsylvania who grew up in the bowling lanes."

A turkey! Santorum beat Obama's score from a few years ago in just three frames. We can at least say Santorum's bowling form is a little better than Obama's.

Image credit: AP