Katie Pavlich
The family of Aaron Alexis, the man who shot and killed 12 people during a murderous rampage at Washington D.C.'s Navy Yard yesterday, has issued a statement to the families of those who lost loved ones apologizing for their "inconvenience."

Inconvenience? Waiting at the DMV is an inconvenience, not losing a loved one to a madman with a criminal record.

Some of the names of victims were released early Tuesday. May their families find comfort and peace.

Those killed ranged in age from 46 to 73, according to D.C. Police. Officials released the following victims' names Monday night:

Michael Arnold, 59
Sylvia Frasier, 53
Kathy Gaarde, 62
John Roger Johnson, 73
Frank Kohler, 50
Kenneth Bernard Proctor, 46
Vishnu Pandit, 61

Katie Pavlich

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