Katie Pavlich

President Obama may have "full faith and confidence" in Attorney General Eric Holder but Obama's former campaign adviser, David Axelrod, wasn't willing to say the same Tuesday morning on Morning Joe.

“We have to figure out … how we deal with national security leaks and how we protect the freedom of the press and the freedom of reporters to operate,” Axelrod continued. “And certainly this Rosen case raises some very disturbing issues.”



White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has been saying for two weeks that President Obama cannot comment on the DOJ's secret monitoring of reporters due to the situation being the target of an "ongoing investigation." Sooner or later, the White House will have to issue a statement directly addressing the reporter issue. Up until now, the White House stance has been that there must a be a "balance" between investigative journalism and national security. Carney has repeatedly tried to sell that Obama is a proponent of the First Amendment, but yet won't condemn Holder's actions to name Rosen as a criminal co-conspirator for simply doing his job as a journalist.

Katie Pavlich

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