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Last week we were given a photo op about the "security" of the border from Senators John McCain and Chuck Schumer as they stood in front of the border fence near Nogales, Arizona and watched as a woman entered the country illegally right in front of them. As Allahpundit said at the time, McCain was in "pretend border-hawk mode to lay the groundwork for the big immigration debate in the Senate next month. This bill’s not going to pass if Republican voters become convinced that the GOP caucus is selling them out on border improvements in the name of moving legalization along."

Luckily, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz is more concerned about the border actually being secure rather than photo ops of false bipartisanship. He visited parts of the border in Arizona yesterday near Yuma and tweeted photos of what he found: an area where there are stairs and handrails to help people cross the border and a not so sufficient fence.

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Chaffetz also stressed that the lack of security at the border isn't just about Mexico as many in the illegal immigration have tried to argue.

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