Katie Pavlich

The NRCC is out with its new "waste list" which totals more than $18 billion. So what exactly is the government spending your money on? How about:

-$1 million on a fruit fly sexual attractiveness study

-$1.3 million for old fashioned x-rays of prisoners. x-rays of prisoners

-$1.5 million on designing a video game controller

-$100,000 on taxpayer funded comedy group tour in India

-$547,430 on a dancing robot that connects to an iPhone

-$25,000 funding a course about "How to be happy"

-$145,000 on a sculpture garden

-$25,000 on an Alabama Watermelon Queen tour

-$697,177 on a climate change musical

-$10,000 on talking urinal cakes (just in case the boys need some company or to prevent drunk driving)

-$35 million on an old fashioned trolly car

-$150,000 for a toy exhibit

-$320,000 for robot squirrels

-$1.4 billion in improper food stamps purchases which included alcohol, condoms, junk food and diapers

You can read the entire list here.

We can pay to study the sexual attractiveness of fruit flies and robot squirrels but by all means please, lets cut the working hours for Border Patrol to save some money.


Katie Pavlich

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