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We knew President Obama was a celebrity president, but his latest push for new gun control just got even more ridiculous than Joe Biden telling women to blow shotgun blasts in the air from their front porch. Organizing for Action, the Alinsky style community organizing arm of the never ending Obama campaign, retweeted a photo of John Lennon's bloody glasses from Barack Obama's official Twitter account earlier today. The photo was originally posted by Yoko Ono on her account.

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Now to be fair, the retweet wasn't signed "-bo" which means Obama himself didn't send it out. More from Twitchy:

As White House press secretary Jay Carney insisted earlier this month, the verified @BarackObama account is run by an “independent organization” — Organizing for Action. The @BarackObama Twitter bio still proudly proclaims that “Tweets from the President are signed -bo,” and OFA continues to run the “Barack Obama” Facebook page and barackobama.com.

Regardless of Obama being distanced from the official account with his name and face on it, it is still used to promote his agenda and viewpoints. His Twitter account has been touted as "non-partisan" and "independent" by Organizing for Action leaders like Jim Messina, but the content of the tweets tells a different story.


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