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Last week we brought you the latest videos from Project Veritas showing Obama for America workers encouraging undercover reporters to vote for Barack Obama twice in different states. Houston OFA Director Stephanie Caballero, who was caught on tape encouraging and helping an undercover reporter vote twice, has been fired as a result and the office has been closed.

A Democratic National Committee field director has been fired after her suspicious actions were caught on camera.

Hours after the video was posted online by the group, Caballero was fired by the DNC.

"There is obviously a history here of making selective use of taped material, and we will certainly not vouch for the completeness of what was released. However, what we saw was enough for us to take the action that we did," said Melanie Roussell with the DNC.

The news comes as a blow to supporters of the president who went to the Houston OFA office Friday and found it locked up and no one inside.

"I'm disappointed we're not working. I want to be working for the campaign. I want it to get started again," said Susan Wegner, who volunteers with OFA.

OFA workers who encouraged double voting at a second OFA office in Minnesota have not been fired.

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