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If you thought global warming, climate change, global climate destruction enthusiasts were desperate before, they're really desperate now. A new "study" shows Great Britain may face massive blizzards in the future due to...melting sea ice.

Britain faces years of freezing winters because global warming is causing Arctic Sea ice to melt, researchers have found.

What? Again:

Britain faces years of freezing winters because global warming is causing Arctic Sea ice to melt, researchers have found.

Climate change means autumn levels of sea ice have dropped by almost 30 percent since 1979 - but this is likely to trigger more frequent cold snaps such as those that brought blizzards to the UK earlier this month.

And Arctic sea ice could be to blame.

Dr Jiping Liu and colleagues studied the extensive retreat of the ice in the summer and its slow recovery focusing on the impacts of this phenomenon on weather in the Northern Hemisphere.

Information about snow cover, sea level pressure, surface air temperature and humidity was used to generate model simulations for the years 1979-2010.

The researchers say dramatic loss of ice may alter atmospheric circulation patterns and weaken the westerly winds that blow across the North Atlantic Ocean from Canada to Europe.

This will encourage regular incursions of cold air from the Arctic into Northern continents - increasing heavy snowfall in the UK.

Dr Liu said: "The results of this study add to an increasing body of both observational and modeling evidence that indicates diminishing Arctic sea ice plays a critical role in driving recent cold and snowy winters over large parts of North America, Europe and east Asia."

It gets better:

While the Arctic region has been warming strongly in recent decades there has been abnormally large snowfall in these areas.


So now apparently the global warming hysteria argument is going to be that "rising" temperatures cause cold, freezing winter storms.

Katie Pavlich

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