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And why did we go into Libya again? Oh yeah, because dictator Muammar Gaddafi was bombing his own people, but that isn't stopping the United Nations from adopting a report praising him for his record on human rights.

The UN is preparing to adopt a report praising the human rights record of the of former government of deposed Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi, in a move a UN monitoring NGO said would bring embarrassment to international rights organization.

The report - which is scheduled for review in March's session of the Human Rights Council - is the outcome of a session in 2010, before the eruption of mass protests and an armed rebellion that pushed Gaddafi from his throne in October, 2011, after 42 years in power.

NGO UN Watch called on the UN to cancel the review, with executive director Hillel Neuer saying the report only serves to "falsely praise Gaddafi's oppressive regime, insult his victims, and harm the reputation of the UN."

"The report completely contradicts the council's own commission of inquiry, which found evidence of Gaddafi war crimes," Neuer said. "The review should be entirely redone, and the council should set an example of accountability by acknowledging that its original review was deeply flawed."

Two points: The first being yes, the report was drawn up before the Libyan uprising, however, the fact that the UN is still even considering the report's adoption is ridiculous. Second, is it really possible the UN can embarrass itself further?

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