Katie Pavlich

This morning on Fox and Friends Lana Domino, a friend of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, commented on Attorney General Eric Holder's testimony yesterday about the Department of Justice Operation Fast and Furious and Holder's refusal to apologize to the Terry family for Brian's death, which was a result of the lethal program.



As Domino expressed in the interview, Holder is refusing to hold himself or anybody else accountable for Operation Fast and Furious and the program's deadly consequences despite vowing under oath yesterday to so.  On top of evading responsibility for the program, Holder's refusal to apologize to the Terry family for the government's incompetence during Fast and Furious, which led to his death on American soil, is disgusting and pathetic; but then again, if Holder were to apologize, he would be inadvertently admitting he and his department did something wrong.

Your words ring hollow and fake, Holder.

Katie Pavlich

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