Katie Pavlich

The Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles is less than impressed with President Obama's visit to Puerto Rico, calling the move a political stunt at a time of economic disaster for the United States and Puerto Rico.

"The President's visit to Puerto Rico is inconsequential,” said Alfonso Aguilar, Executive Director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles.  "It's a purely political stunt to try to look good with the growing Puerto Rican community in the key battleground state of Florida."
"The President has nothing to celebrate in Puerto Rico.  His economic policies, as in states across the country, have had a very negative impact on the Island.  Despite the millions Puerto Rico received in stimulus money, its economy is stuck in a recession with unemployment soaring at more than 16 percent."


President Obama has been losing ground among voters in Florida going into 2012 and his courting of the Puerto Rican vote is an effort to get back in the game in the swing state.

Katie Pavlich

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