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What do you get when you put two evil dictators in a room together? Apparently...a book:

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who has been out of the public eye for more than two months, is working on a book with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and is not at death's door, a pro-government blogger said on Wednesday.

Yohandry Fontana, who often is first to report official information and viewpoints, attacked a Barcelona-based blog and other social media for spreading the idea that Castro, who turned 86 on August 13, is seriously ill, and said there was "bad news" for them and "the creative boys of the CIA."

"Fidel Castro works together with Hugo Chavez on a book that will appear soon," Fontana wrote.

So what's it about? A how-to book about ruling a small nation with an iron fist? A juicy tell-all of life as a communist dictator? Something completely ersatz, in which they reveal that they have a joint love of birdcalling? Will there be a book tour? Are they going to sit down with Oprah or the ladies from The View?!

So many questions. It's obviously all but impossible to verify whether or not we can expect to see some sort of dictatorial bestseller in the near future, but it sure does make for a ridiculous headline.

Kate Hicks

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