South Park Depicts Muhammad As A Bear, Gets Death Threats

Jillian Bandes

4/22/2010 11:31:00 AM - Jillian Bandes
Oh, South Park -- that receptacle for all that is dirty and and hilarious in this world. Now it's gone and depicted Muhammad as a bear. Not just a bear, mind you, but a specific type that shall not be mentioned on this blog.


Muslims consider any depictions of Muhammad to be blasphemous, so a bear-shaped, sexual depiction of him is clearly a little... edgy. But that doesn't excuse the extremist U.S.-based Muslim group "Revolution Muslim" from warning the creators of South Park the creators will die.

In an online posting, Revolution Muslim said the South Park creators will go the way of Van Gogh, who died a brutal and untimely death. Revolution Muslim made sure to mention that this isn't just a threat, but that it's actually going to happen.

South Park creators were banned by their syndicate, Comedy Central, from depicting Muhammad during a the Danish cartoon controversy, though they were given a free pass during an episode that aired before that. Images of Buddah and Jesus -- in various forms and poses -- have frequently graced South Park episodes with no threats.