Santorum Stands Up To Criticism On Specter Endorsement

Jillian Bandes
Posted: Apr 10, 2010 1:56 PM
"So many of us want to give to the RNC but we won't anymore, because the RNC will choose a Specter over a Toomey," said the audience member here at SLRC.

Rick Santorum was on the stage.
"My wife told me I was wrong," he began. At the time, two potential Supreme Court nominees had a high likelihood of being selected in the near future. Santorum wanted two strong pro-lifers on the bench.

If Santorum wouldn't have picked Specter, he said, there was a high likelihood that those two supreme court nominees might not have been as strongly pro-life as Santorum wanted. Toomey was comparatively an unknown on the issue.

"You have every right to question my judgement," Santorum told the audience member. "But please don't question my intention to do what is right for those little babies."

Santorum was later handed a bouquet of flowers from a state GOP member.