Janet Mefferd

2/4/2013 12:14:04 PM - Janet Mefferd

With the U.S. birthrate falling and a debt-burdened economy having to sustain an aging population, what kind of nightmarish society could we see 30 years from now? It’s the subject of Dr. James Dobson’s new dystopian thriller, “Fatherless,” and the founder of Family Talk and chairman emeritus of Focus on the Family will join Janet to talk about it. Dr. David Stevens, CEO of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations, also stops by to discuss the Obama Administration’s changes to the HHS mandate that forces Americans to pay for abortion-inducing drugs – changes that do not protect Christian consciences across the board. Also: What were Jesus’ final days on earth like? Dr. Mike McKinley, pastor of Guilford Baptist Church in Sterling, Virginia, will join Janet to discuss his book, “Passion.” Plus: How do ancient civilizations verify stories from the Bible? Janet will talk with Dr. Don Landis, president of Jackson Hole Bible College and author of “The Genius of Ancient Man.” That and more – join us! 1-800-343-9282.