Janet Mefferd

12/12/2012 11:37:46 AM - Janet Mefferd

It’s one of the hottest trends in Christian publishing: Purported eyewitness accounts of heaven and the afterlife in books like “Heaven is for Real.” Why is this such a popular book genre in evangelicalism right now, and more importantly, does the Bible really support the claims in any of these fanciful tales? Janet will talk it over with Phil Johnson, executive director of Grace To You. Plus: Christians talk a lot about God’s grace, but what are the true implications of grace on our lives? Janet will talk about it with Dr. Phillip Graham Ryken, president of Wheaton College and author of “Grace Transforming.” Also: Liberals claim Christmas is not under attack, and it never was. Dan Gainor, vice president of the Media Research Center’s Culture and Media Institute, will explain why the war on Christmas is still alive and well. That, and much more -- join us! 1-800-343-9282.