The Proposed "Youth Sports Concussion Act":

Hugh Hewitt

2/3/2013 11:07:15 PM - Hugh Hewitt

The first reason why Congress should stay out of this debate is obvious: Whatever issues arise in connection with the safety of youth sports, they are issues for parents and schools, coaches and players --a complex set of state and local issues, and not an area for the broken federal government to dabble while not doing anything about big, genuine federal issues.

The second reason is that the last time Congress tried to do something "for the kids," it came up with the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act of 2008, which was a vast disaster.  Congress could easily end up wiping out whole categories of youth sports from simple incompetence on the same order as was displayed in 2008.

The proposed Youth Sports Concussion Act is the subject of my Monday Washington Examiner column.