Hugh Hewitt
A deadly flu virus with a strange genetic make-up has claimed 60 lives in Mexico and has officials there taking extraordinary steps to contain it.

A CDC official says it is still fine to travel to Mexico, but if the outbreak isn't contained quickly, expect even more stress on the Mexican tourism industry already buffeted by concerns over the drug war raging there.  CDC also reported that it could not confirm that the Mexico flu was the same strain as found in more than a half dozen cases in the U.S. in recent days. 

Tomorrow I'll be at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books for an 12:30 panel on "Broken Government" in Broad 2160 and will be signing books at the KRLA booth after my panel sometime around 1:30.  Perhaps some early owners of The Fair Tax Fantasy will be there.

My pal Bill Lobdell, whose book Losing My Religion is the recipient of a great review in the upcoming Sunday New York Times, will be speaking at 3:30 in the Korn Convocation Hall and signing books thereafter.

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Hugh Hewitt

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